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How to redirect all emails from a specific sender to a folder in Hotmail

Microsoft’s Hotmail service provides a convenient way to organize your emails. Although you might think you’ll never need this feature, it can come in handy if you ever need to quickly and easily move incoming emails to a specified folder. As your email inbox fills up with requests and queries, you need to find a way to keep track of who needs what, so that you can prioritize your time. Here, we’ll explain how to configure emails to senders as a whole by using Microsoft’s Hotmail account.

How to redirect all emails from a specific sender to a folder in Hotmail

What is the best way to create a rule in Hotmail?

There are a few ways to create a rule in Hotmail: you could use the Outlook add-in, the online website, or by using the windows command prompt. If you have a lot of emails that are coming from a certain sender and you would like to send them all to a certain folder, this is the way to go. You can create rules in Hotmail but if you want an easy way out, this is the way to go.

How do I create an email rule in Hotmail?

In order to create an email rule in bs.to app, you have to go through the following steps:
– Click on the “Account” tab and click on “Rules”
– Click on “Create Rule”
– Select “From a sender or recipient”, then enter the email address of the sender.
– Select “To a new folder”, then enter the name of the folder where you want all emails from that sender to be sent.

How do I set this up so that all emails from

All you have to do is open the webmail app on your device, and then go to your settings. From there, click “filter messages” and then “add rule.” Fill in the email address that you want the filter to apply to, choose the folder that you want to send all emails from that address too, and make sure there’s an “apply filter on” option. One of the most annoying things that can happen to your inbox is getting a huge number of emails from different people. This is especially true when you are trying to connect with someone and they send you a bunch of direct messages asking you if you want to talk, but they don’t include their email address in those messages.

What are the different ways that you can use a filter in Outlook?

A filter is a tool used in Microsoft Outlook to automatically process and organize email messages. Unlike other software that only lets you send emails from your inbox, Outlook allows you to decide what will happen with the messages you receive. Imagine if you could easily divert all of an individual’s incoming emails to a specific folder in your inbox. That’s what happens when you use filters – they let you automatically create folders based on mail headers (the sender’s name) or using keywords found in the content of emails.


After the completion of this tutorial it will be possible to create a new folder in your main Hotmail inbox that will collect all emails from a specific sender. It is best to use the “redirect all” function in your email settings page. This will ensure that all emails sent by that sender are directed to a specific folder. The creator of the blog wrote that there are a few ways to redirect all emails from a specific sender. One option is to create a rule. Another option is to use an inbox filter. Finally, it’s possible to export the whole mess into an email file and then import it into your Gmail account.