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How to Protect your Gmail Account | Account Security

In today’s time, we use email account for a variety of purposes. From performing official tasks to handling personal matters we use an email account. And while performing this stuffs we sometimes ignore the threat of cybercrimes. These cybercrimes can cause us a huge loss. As email accounts contain all the vital information. Thus, protecting it from such threats must be our priority.

Why Protection of Gmail Account is Important

The protection of the gmail inloggen account is necessary to protect our general but most significant information. Like –

  • Banking details.
  • School/ College related stuff.
  • Business Plans
  • Identity theft
  • Other confidential information etc.

As this information passes on to the other end without our permission and knowledge. For example, if we sign in with any third party application they sometimes ask for confirmation through email or if we make any online payment then there may be chances of leaking information through external sources.
So, to avoid adverse consequences we must take all the necessary steps to protect our information from being misused.

Best Possible ways to Protect your Gmail Account


I ) Switch to two steps verification :

GOOGLE provides its user a facility of two-step verification. This step provides a login feature with OTP. This will protect your account from opening into the secondary device.

II) Never try to click/open suspicious mails:

If you find any email in your mailbox which is providing you unnecessary benefits or warnings. Then, ignore not them. They might be a trap for pooling your important information.

III)Create a strong password always :

The password acts as the first security wall for your account. Always create a long and strong password with combinations of letters, numbers, and characters.

IV) Never share your password with anyone:

Try to avoid sharing your password with anyone. In case you are supposed to do this instead of telling them to fill your credentials by yourself. If this is not possible then change it immediately after completion of tasks.

V) Keep eyes on your email activities:

Always keep on checking your user activities. So, that you can track your login details.

To check the details, Do follow these steps –

  • Log in with your credentials
  • Go ar the bottom of the window
  • Click > details.

And you will get all your activities details along with IP details.

VI) Never forget to sign out :

People generally keep their account in login the state or keep there login details saved. Which is generally not safe, if your device is used by other peoples. Hence, always log out your account after use and never save your login details.

VII) Activate Ugly Mail :

This is a mail tracking feature. You can activate this by following these simple steps and can protect your details.

  • Open Google Chrome > search for Ugly mail.
  • Hit > add to chrome after opening it
  • Now ugly mail has been successfully added to your screen.

This feature will add an evil eye icon. This icon will tell about account tracking. This helps you in saving yourself from future issues.

VIII) Avoid using an account on public devices :

The best and most simple way to protect your credentials details is to use your account only from your private devices. And in case you have to access it due to some emergency then never forget to log out and must delete all the details immediately before leaving a device.

IX)Always prefer incognito mode :

Using an email account on incognito mode is always a good idea to protect your details.
You can switch to the incognito mode by performing the following steps.

  • Open > Chrome app
  • Now > tap more in the right of address bar > New tab
  • You will see a new window appear on your screen
  • Click > in the top left corner
  • Now you can use a new incognito mode.

X) Use the updated version always:

The updated version helps you in keeping your details secured because hey give you instant alerts via text messages about another login/change Or recovery passwords activities. Thus, it is amongst the best way to keep your account secured.

Above mentioned ways will help you in protecting your account from unwanted consequences and one more way by which you can save yourself is to maintain a different account for official and general purposes.